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Technical analysis

, Heart wedding shots of four skills?
1, ahead of scheduled
2, pay attention to the word
3, met filter
4, determine the price
II, wedding photography 4 ways to lose weight?
1, tasting 5 tastes
every week you get to taste sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty flavor, why do it? because these methods can help regulate your appetite and reduce body fat. Weight-loss experts say, con alkaline, slimming effect will be even better.
2 smile
evening give yourself 3 times a day, keep a fun mood to make your diet more smoothly!
3, four-high five every morning
often stimulating these reflex zones, can play the role of shujin huoluo, oscillating pulse, and enhance the ability to dissolve fat. Eat a Kiwi a day,
Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin a and vitamin c, and potassium, and Kiwi fruit skin and contain a lot of pectin, you can play a role in promoting fat burning.