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How to select a body wedding dress

simple line wedding dresses, to make you not expanding properly dressed is indispensable for you to hide. Simplification of the torso and highlight gentle curves at the same time, the maximum elongate body line. The waist and the skirt is designed to avoid complicated, choose deep v-neck style with low collars, preferably, decorative lace should use a thin lace.

too skinny bride

thin beauty of rich bone. Select tightened chest style, matching princess cut hem of bump, break the Visual sense of thin; upper body changing lines or color, with thick lace decoration, will make you even more fullness. Spaghetti Straps gowns visually widen the shoulders, with vintage luxury Medallion.

neck compared long of bride

high led can is you of patent, is special for you design of, you as long as select high of led type can, avoid v type, and u type or low shoulder with type of dress, also don't select thin of a article of necklace

you by need of key in keep hair and neck line Zhijian of balance sense, so lower type of hairstyles more for you.

has double chins of brides

in the collar of choice, as long as you hold a key, that is--don't Pack, showing a little bit more, complex, high collar is bad with you. Neat not wordy, tube top dress is a good choice.

busty bride

in the selection of the most important is to keep the neck and the abdomen of clean lines and neat, generous and perfect figure highlight dishes. And lower body can choose the fluffy atmosphere, textured satin wedding dress, the bride is tall.

neck short bride

v-neck, u a neck collar, is the best choice for you, much less exposed. High hair, of course, is a good choice for you.

chest flat bridal

chest flat on your choice, just add something special designs, such as upper body select the fluffy material, with a thin lace lace, make your figure look "material"!

broad in the shoulders of the bride

broad-shouldered you because the shoulder line is too long, in order to strike a balance, much to choose the cut of vertical lines and Park-neck and shoulders on soft decoration to soft and wide lines.

soft touch yarn and satin ribbon, showing a fantastic soft color, dotted with delicate embroidery soft yarn, flow of infinite grace and delicacy.

arms thick bride

rough arms of brides, avoid select too heavily fabrics, sleeveless dress. With beautiful jewelry or scarves, shawls to divert attention, awnings and even body sleeves, has a mask effect, put down the hair or romantic curls is a good modification methods. Simple line of the torso, and luxurious design, can stretch the bride beautiful elegant figure.

ALVINE prominent brides

Choose satin wedding dresses, will be modified with the rhythms of the body effect, not cumbersome. Waist line too tight, too complex, multi-level allows you to cover, but not too thick, try to make the overall look relaxed, refreshing and clean.

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