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What needs to be prepared before getting married?

marriage preparation is not easy things, need to consider all aspects of new and thoughtful arrangements. Lovers marriage preparation tips.

1, marriage preparation best in wedding five months before or six months begin. Unless you have a professional staff to help you, otherwise, might as well prepared as soon as possible.

2, once you have decided to get married, date is a priority. New best seek the consent of both parents, to discuss an auspicious and decisive confirmed. Don't constantly change.

3, the next linyi wedding proposal based on local customs or newcomers like to determine the form of the wedding. Every couple wants to have a unique wedding, then the couple will have to consider to determine a best of weddings.

4, the perfect wedding, no money is impossible. Heart Art Studio xiaobian recommended linyi, wedding budget should be made in due course. Based on domestic economic conditions, careful planning about it.

5, below, is sure to entertain guests in the wedding, the couple both list, talk it over with their parents down.

6, there is choosing the right wedding dress, home decoration, premarital, marriage registration, big deal.