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What needs to be done before the bride in the wedding?

every bride wants to record their moment before the wedding, brides are not only to do before the wedding mood adjustment, must also make some details on preparations.

the first was to moderate control of drinking water, new will select some location shooting. If it is not a convenient place to find public toilets, the bride in her wedding dress is not easy running. That trouble and delay time.

Second, the brides in their wedding photos the night before, must have a good night's sleep, it is best to make a mask at night. Only by maintaining adequate sleep, the next day will light up, his most beautiful show, stay for a lifetime of beautiful moments.

third, if on location, the bride must pay attention to Sun, oil of cosmetics and goods. For example, Sun CAP, oil facial blotting paper, cream, sunglasses and so on. Wedding should not affect the recently married.

Finally, brides dress, should try to wear light clothes. Because if the look will see in light clothing.

best also plans a pair of flat shoes, easy to run and walk.