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Photo 7-step

seeing the most important day in your life step by step approaching, how can busy spinning in preparation for the wedding at the same time, also in wedding photos and wedding day, still radiant, radiant? Do these 7 steps to OK!

1, what time do you start preparing?

everyone said, the earlier prepared the better. But how early is early? Beauty skin care is in fact every woman should do every day, but it is recommended that you 6-12 months prior to the date of the marriage, began to pay special attention to the maintenance of skin. New option 3 months before the wedding to Studio shot wedding album, early repair your skin, you'll look more photogenic!

2, regular exercise

exercise can not only figure keeping fit, wearing a wedding dress and evening dress look better, but also to promote blood circulation, metabolism, make skin look more radiant.

sports and fitness in a lot of ways, the most effective is, of course, fitness Institute for professional instructors to give you the right guidance. You can meet her and the other half with running, swimming or sports, both sides will have more motivation.

If you want to work in busy sports as an excuse, then normal stairs more and take the elevator less, walk more and ride less, that you should just do it!

    3, the diet

is the most important eating habits to start, eating less fried, eat steamed food, always want you, possibly painful, but shoplifting in order to best face on your wedding day, it'll all be worth it!

3 meals must be balanced nutrition intake, especially breakfast is the most important, it can make your day full of energy. Might as well eat for dinner, and avoid eating within 4 hours of bedtime, so as to avoid consuming bad and hoard extra calories into body fat.

of course, ancient, but extremely effective skin care principles: drink more water! Alcohol can make skin dull, look old, so it's best not to drink, and reducing unnecessary social engagements. Less sparkling drinks, you don't want to wear a wedding dress with a raised little belly, right? Also, smoking is harmful to the skin but no good, quit it as soon as possible!

4, began regular facial

skin care center you can trust, began regular facial. Skin care experts for you to solve your skin problems, better than the wedding closer, only to emerge acne on his face tense. Skin repair work as soon as possible in order to allow time for skin recovery, wedding day, there would be no ugly marks printed on the face.

5, make-up and hairstyles

contact makeup artist and hair stylist, let him know about your skin problems and needs, while fostering understanding on both sides.   Best to find a makeup and stylist wear two hats, you can reduce the communication problems.

     advance test makeup is important, don't wait until the last minute and make-up artists, when you want to change your makeup artist I'm afraid it will be too late.

your hair should be long, let the hairdresser can change different style. Even if you choose a short hairstyle, can finally cut her hair short.

    6, attention to makeup steps

not thorough cleansing is often damage the skin's Achilles ' heel. Have a good cleanser will save you trouble to combat skin problems. If necessary, you should also be minimized during makeup, skin a good rest, wedding day you will look up.

7, relieving pressure

pressure can be from both parents, head of arrangements wedding wedding business, and even disagreements and the other half. These worries are inevitable, the most important thing is to know how to relieve or somebody is sharing with you.

when the beauticians do care for you, her massage programs, also contributed to relief when you prepare for the wedding are subject to enormous pressure. Both skin care and relief, two birds with one stone! Spa on time can enjoy, or lunch, or after work, receiving as little as 30 minutes of foot massage, are also a good stress relievers.

getting enough sleep is very important. If in preparation for the wedding and often suffer from insomnia, and dark circles, puffiness around the eyes and you can't make a beautiful bride. Sleep is body functions of time, it's more effective than any skin care products.