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Skin care tips and makeup of the bride before the wedding

skin care tips and makeup of the bride before the wedding

bride is the most beautiful moment in life; at the time of their wedding photos, Bridal makeup is crucial. It is different from the stage makeup, and is different from the makeup of living light. It needs a real illusion, revealing serious in nature. Dansaoemei, beauty heaven.

Crescent pale sweep bridal makeup bridal skin care
24 before
wedding photography hour whitening, photo day skin moisturizing will do it well. The bride can get up early for ten minutes, simply make a mask. Better add a transparent primer, complexion don't use will affect the work of makeup artists. Better bring your own cleansing oil, after the end of filming. Though not as thoroughly as at home cleaning, removing most of the makeup, also allows the skin to breathe.

bride-to-be before the wedding skincare tips and make-up matters

Crescent pale sweep
bridal makeup bridal skin at night in need of care

in addition to wedding day care, a few days before their wedding photos at night during prime time, can not be ignored, trace ultraviolet light will scatter in the air at night, melanin will continue. But cells to regenerate twice times faster than during the day, so the evening is further whitening skin, enhance the whitening effect is the best time to more effectively protect cell, make ready, enhance the ability to prevent UV rays during the day.

suggest MM 10:00-2:00 at night, apply a Whitening mask, this time period is the best skin absorption and memory, can not only let the days pass quickly add back moisture can also be allowed by ultraviolet irradiation of the skin during the day to repair. Mask the effect of serum, a Whitening mask 30mL is equivalent to our disposable wipe the whitening essence bottle 30mL, so be sure to grab the prime time, last a few days and you must be the most beautiful bride