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4 ways to lose weight

Quick weight loss, tasting 5 tastes of the bride

every week you get to taste sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty flavor, why do it? because these methods can help regulate your appetite and reduce body fat. Weight-loss experts say, con alkaline, slimming effect will be even better.

Quick weight loss
bride II, give yourself 3 times every night smile

every night before going to bed, give yourself 3 times a smile in the mirror, of course, smiled less and better, so smile to yourself can produce makes the body feel refreshed and happy hormones. Keep a fun mood to make your diet more smoothly!


bridal quick weight loss three, four-high five every morning

just woke up when I opened my eyes, various functions of the body remains in a sleep state, if not help function works will affect the metabolic functions of the body all day long. So to learn from Taiwan was the fire of clap your hands in our hands in the heart, liver, spleen, kidney, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and other 78 visceral reflex zones, if often stimulating these reflex zones, can play the role of shujin huoluo, oscillating pulse, and enhance the ability to dissolve fat.

Quick weight loss
bride four a day, eat a Kiwi

in a number of quick weight loss diet, Taiwan's nutrition experts say, Kiwi is the best for brides in the weight-loss phase after dinner. Recommends eating Macaque methods of losing weight, 20 minutes after dinner to accept every day, made himself a cup of fresh Kiwi juice, do not remove skins, together with Peel squeezed into juice, because Kiwi contains large amounts of vitamin a, and vitamin c, and potassium, and Kiwi fruit skin and contain a lot of pectin, you can play a role in promoting fat burning