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Photography preparation work

   a shooting the night before, two bathing and washing, do not use gel, Hairspray, gel or moisturizing agents. Try to avoid staying up late, drinking 19:00 drink as little as possible to avoid dark circles eye bloodshot and puffy, effects don't look tired and depressed all day shooting

two. All jewelry, watches, please take down before going out at home, including all independent of the film please do not bring valuables around

three. If their favorite dolls, small tokens of tokens, lovers, to shoot, to highlight

four. If you like shooting leisure lovers style, please prepare couples shoes shot

five. General Photo Studio offers light meals, tea. If necessary, you can bring your own snacks and other

six. In the process of filming and make-up, inappropriate or when you do not like, please put forward your ideas and vision for effective communication with the staff so good remake in trouble again

six. Winter filming please wear thick, bring warm coats, to avoid the cold. Water summer location please bring your own mosquito

Lady notices

a. Please prepare your own white or beige strapless bra or invisible BRA,

your own manicure or nail in advance to second, armpit hair shaved. Ladies if you are Qi Liu, please advance trimmed

three please bring along a pair or several pairs of shoes they like to bring photographs (such as: wedding dresses suitable for light colored high heels, mini dress for a variety of high heels or boots, lots of lovers or casual wear suitable shoes or sports shoes)

IV. Take please do not make up the day, ahead of a facial skin care: wipe the toner and lotion, such as nearsightedness, wear contact lenses ahead

five. Brides on location, due to mosquito grass please bring light pants one (due to seasonal and varies)

men note

one. Please prepare your own black shoes, white socks and dark socks

II. Do not wearing a suit and dark-colored underwear, avoiding wear wearing white trousers, men are required to take a week or so before cutting hair
not wearing glasses shot, due to reflection. Please consider wearing contact lenses or to prepare your favorite lens-free microscope