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Fat MM how to choose the right wedding dress

fat MM wedding choose try to avoid complex design, preferably in straight lines cut, plus lace design, will make you look slimmer. In the area of the rotator cuff, for picking low collar styles, simplified Visual effects, and too much decoration will add visual effects, resulting in too cumbersome.

Figure full type MM should as selected v led, and low waist, and line simple of wedding, neckline of decorative can rich is, to attract others of eye by body moved to neck above, veil should be to simple and the slightly long for better, down should wear skirt body loose, and stressed shoulder of low shoulder or no sleeve of design, as will others of sight to Shang moved.

fat MM choose wedding dresses can be described as a six-point

1, select thick satin, hard and thick imported satin face fat sister shelter is the best weapon. Whether your fleshy waist or fat pp you can hide under thick satin mask.

2, high waist, low chest is a wise choice: If the waist, chest plump sister, choose waist slightly improved design, so your fleshy waist can block it all up myself. And it will make the legs look slender.

3, select the sleeved wedding dress, round another vital point is that MM thick upper arms, and fleshy part under the arm, if both local exposure in the sight would be too ridiculous. So we don't give a wedding dress manufacturers save fabrics, making a sleeved wedding dresses, smug and hid all the parts.

4, not at the waist for garnish: usually dress like at chest, waist-and a lot of handmade flowers, beads decorated with increased, fat girl wedding dress should not do too much at the waist ornaments, hand-decorated to attract people's attention and have fleshy waist, try to avoid guest special attention.

5, and select slightly Peng up of skirt pendulum: note is "slightly", best is 1 to 2 a rims of skirt support, not to selected too Peng of skirt pendulum, as groom but to was fat MM squeeze to side to has:)

6, and select soft quality long veil: everyone guessed this is block where of meat meat's? on! is bride of small FAT face has! soft soft of long veil, regardless of is you photo when, also is married code when, are is can help you blocked face extra of meat meat Oh, this but than received face powder also effective