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Teach you how to make a cheap wedding

1, affordable wedding dresses why custom-made wedding dress shop spend thousands of tens of thousands of dollars to buy one can wear clothes? Wedding dresses cheap sales channels. There are many unknown wedding dress shop, inside you can find their beautiful dresses, price but thousands of Yuan.

2, new site layout

who said the wedding site are filled with flowers? A bouquet of dried flowers, a basket of fruit, even if you wrote a small poem wedding will bring good mood. Now more popular candlelit ceremony, newcomers in each set before the middle of the table a very beautifully decorated candle holders and candles lit, both romantic and replaces the traditional toast link, healthy and creative.

3, controlled the number of

prepared the guest list when you want to control, for more than two years no contact friends, fewer graduate students dropped, do not turn the wedding into a small group of party. You find guest 20% do not know, 20% strange to nothing to say when it will feel like a failure like became outsiders-why the wedding?

4, to avoid the peak periods

If you have 51 or 11 to the peak of wedding fun, it is recommended that you book a hotel room for at least six months in advance, otherwise it will be difficult to get the right Ballroom. Moreover, the cost usually rises at this time, than non-peak on your 10% to 20%. And possibly other newcomers at the same level in another Ballroom wedding, how noisy scene will be. So, avoid peak is the best choice not only choice, and the price is cheaper

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