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Heart wedding shooting four skills

skills: early booking

Division is a heavyweight, who until the date of the wedding, should also make a reservation as soon as possible. When new people are beginning to recognize the wedding date, when looking for wedding venues, you should begin to book a wedding photographer. Especially during the wedding season, if not earlier, and outstanding teacher will be very busy, you may miss your wedding. Some well-known photographers even booked a year in advance, so be sure to determine the style of wedding as soon as possible, and according to their own preferences to find a suitable teacher.

skills II: focus on word of mouth

chosen to shoot teacher, Word of mouth is very important. Many wedding service company recommended gold medal and advertisement photographer is likely to be more apparent than real. So the best way is to start from the family and friends, choose reputation by their recommended photographers. Now many of the couple's wedding ceremony is held to the field, even abroad, but Xiao bian recommended new people to choose a local photographer. In particular countries, there are some differences in terms of enjoyment. If you like the style of photography with the photo of the day, it's best to refer to Asia that had been taken to that place human samples.

Tip three: meet screen

Select photographers can "shop around" in determining his own style, selected a few photographers, see them again one by one, filtering. Only met you can further determine if the photographer shooting levels, through his works and communication, to understand his character and style, videotaping practices. And must be determined, see sample really the photographer's hand. In General, a good teacher will be happy to answer any questions asked by new people.

Tip four: determine the price

small reminded the rookie teacher has been selected, next was taken to discuss price. Wedding divisions will have their own pricing and concessions, and according to the different results, and the post-production, price differences, new people can choose according to their preferences and needs. For details of the problem, and master of the shot to determine well in advance and written contracts, to ensure that the wedding day shoot out the best results.