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Wedding can meet "unspoken rules"?

new wedding photos is to keep life happy moments, so extra attention and concern of camera effects. But some newcomers are encountered in their wedding photos "rules", which not only affect the mood more wedding effect is not getting what you want. Recently, came online this phenomenon some informal wedding photography company.

so their wedding photos in the end those unspoken rules? first thing is the wedding effect problem in wedding shooting process due to time constraints, weather, technical capacity and other reasons, new tensions, photographer, shooting out of the existing problems of one kind or another. For example: size, posture and coordination of the eyes. New want to shoot photos or want to be able to deal with, but not formal wedding photography companies will seize the opportunity to increase.

second is remaining asked for questions about photos, regular company under contract to present the pair of a photographic collection of the excess, or disposed of in accordance with the contract provisions. Some wedding photography companies will let customers purchase at unreasonable prices, earned a fortune. This is not state-mandated requirements of the marriage celebration service, wedding photography shoot all original material should be free of the consumer customer. Informal wedding photography company rule various, linyi wedding photography reminds customers must choose formal wedding photography company, beware of "hidden rules".