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Shotgun should notice something?

Jacky LAU and Yang Wei were married in Bali a few days ago, online has been Yang MI is the shotgun. Linyi wedding photography--heart to heart small Art Studio now prepared to introduce shotgun should pay attention to something.

shotgun most worried is the wedding for the bride of the selected problems. Wedding date must not be later identified, we all know that fetuses grew after five or six months, certainly can't hide the belly. Wedding dress effect will be greatly reduced. Recommends the best in three or four months at a time, of course, too early is not good, because many women pregnancy is very strenuous, poor bride must look at this time, and no effort wedding.

second is the wedding dress was selected. Determined after the wedding, are most concerned about is the wedding dress of the bride is selected. Pregnant bride size changes fast, the linyi remind the bride the best selected well in advance of wedding photography wedding, but now two large trumpet. Wedding dress not too personal, select the best loose, easy walk will not affect the fetus.

Finally, the must have shoes of choice. Bride it is best not to wear high heels, not only tired, even more important is the wedding fuss, if an accident is not good. Choose flat shoes, wedding dress is floor length skirt.